Redefined Courage is inspired by the dreams and legacy of my wonderful mother, Virginia and the wonderful women like her.

At Redefined Courage, we are committed helping each woman fighting breast cancer to see herself redefined by hope, faith and courage. Join our tribe to see how you can be a part of this with us! #hope4everywoman

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Our Story

My mother, Virginia (Ginni), began living a redefined life of courage when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Her two younger sisters had already been diagnosed with breast cancer, so Ginni chose to fight aggressively with chemo and reconstruction (double mastectomy.)

Because of my incredibly high risk factor for breast cancer, I chose to have my breasts removed in 2010. My personal journey with this surgery and recovery was my inspiration to design a post-op shirt. As I wrestled with the emotions and physical wounds after surgery, I longed for even one practical garment to wear that still made me feel like a woman.

Meanwhile, my mother's challenges were only just beginning. A second diagnosis in 2011 led to a second double mastectomy with reconstruction. Her third diagnosis in 2013 resulted in having both breasts completely removed. My beautiful mother was left with no hair, no breasts and a chest and torso full of open cancer wounds. Feeling less than beautiful and somewhat hating the broken body she was trapped in, we searched high and low for clothes that would fit her "body type."

Ginni found freedom from her battle on December 5, 2015 and left her earthly life for eternity in Heaven. While some would argue that cancer won, my mother glowed with a peace and beauty even in her darkest hours. She knew that her true identity and worth was redefined and found in the the love of Jesus Christ. It is because of her courage that I dreamed of creating and offering a specialty shirt to women undergoing a mastectomy.


Every woman that leaves the hospital after a mastectomy should be gifted a HOPE post op shirt to let them know they are cared for. We are committed to making this happen and would encourage you to join us as well. If you would like to purchase a shirt to be sent to a particular hospital, plastic surgeon, cancer center, oncologist, or friend head to our shop page or contact us for help. If you own a company and would like to sponsor 25 or more shirts for your local cancer center or hospital please contact us below. #hope4everywoman


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