Thoughts from a Thriver

When I came across this profile on Instagram I knew I wanted to share it with you! Please read below the following words from a woman holding on to courage and faith. We believe it will inspire you- maybe even carry you if you can’t stand on your own right now.

Scars. Dare I say we all carry a scar or two, or perhaps dozens more. Scars we see, and scars we hide inside our hearts.

Physical scars:

As I see the scars on my body, they can easily take me back to the time I got them: scars on my knee from surgery following a car accident, a scar on my right ring finger from a cyst that kept coming back, the scars placed throughout my tummy from a hysterectomy, the scar on my chin from kindergarten when I insisted I would be fine running in my “purdy church shoes“… I’m pretty sure every person carries their own set of battle wounds. The battle wounds deepest on my heart at present are the ones of my mastectomy. 18 inches total of scars across my chest, armpit to armpit and then some. Many times I see my scars as unattractive and want to hide them. They are painful. They replace what once was. They are a permanent part of the new me.

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