One of the most nerve racking things in life is WAITING! Honestly it feels like forever and shoot if you are in Target to get those few things you need (aka 15 things + that super cute shirt that was right by the check out you had to have; I have never done this but I am sure you have) and then it happens there are only 2 lanes open and you have 10 minutes before you will be late to pick up your child from practice. Yes the waiting can be hard and unfortunately it can be a lot more serious and devastating than the slow check out lane.

When you are waiting for the results of a test, when you are waiting to see if the unemployment will go through so you can buy groceries and pay the lights, waiting for your child to stop using, waiting for the pain of the divorce to go away or the sting of words that were spoken over you as a child, it seems like F O R E V E R! And it is flat out hard! 

BUT GOD...I think the best part of having a personal relationship with God is the fact that we can pray anytime; wherever and whenever and it changes US! It doesn't always change our circumstances, but it eventually changes how we see things. So we take a different perspective knowing God is working all things out for our good (Romans 8:28). If you are struggling with this today I urge you to get before God and bring your circumstance you are scared about or waiting for and hand it over. Let His peace wash over you knowing He can handle it and He wants you to draw near to Him. Remember as you do, You become new, you are changed and eventually you can look for him and see  that in the waiting He is loving and transforming you to look more like Jesus (strong, beautiful, radiant and peaceful).

"In the day when I am afraid, I will trust in you." Psalm 56:3 MEV