In the Beginning

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In 2006 death wasn't even on our radar as a family. Healing was. Fighting was. Encouragement was. 

But what if our main goal wasn't the goal at all? What if healing was the never the answer?

The words flew out of my mouth on that cold October day in Syracuse, NY where I was visiting my mom. “Mom, I will design clothing for you to wear.” I had flown in from NC as I wanted to spend some quality time with her. She recently decided that she would stop chemotherapy and enjoy the rest of the time she had.

 As I sat in the chair waiting to board my flight back to NC just a few days later, I felt the Lord speak to me, “draw a shirt.” I really think He wanted someone else to do this, not me, I can’t draw and a shirt, Lord you know I love clothes, but I can’t sew.


Well, I drew the shirt. A post op shirt. It was the first thing that came to mind, as mom had surgery very soon after she found out she had breast cancer. I also remember well as a previvor that I had drains coming out of the sides of my breasts and they were pinned to my bra. #notcomfortableorflattering

I started researching and calling everyone I knew. I googled and emailed and cried and prayed and Redefined Courage was born. Gerrod and I decided to start Redefined as a business, but guess what God had always told me these would be for free. I thought I could open a business and give them for free, BUT just in case you don’t know-this doesn’t work.

We have had tremendous people come along side of us. Jenn and Emma sewed for us. Jamie let us use her body measurements (while she was going through chemo) and was a model. Suzanne and Angela modeled for us as well. Leanne let us use her coffee shop and share ideas with her. So many, many others bought tee shirts when we first started to show their support and help raise money to get the post op shirts manufactured here in NC.

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Well, with all of the support and many, many prayers we realized that we needed to follow the original calling. To give the post op shirts for free. In order to do this we will need individuals, churches and businesses to come along side of us. We will be closing the doors as a business to open as a foundation. With this we can gift hospitals, cancer centers and individuals free post op shirts.

#hopeandgrace4everywoman is our hashtag for our campaign to see every woman in our county, state, nation and world have a shirt for FREE!

Please share with one other person. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The diagnosis my mom received in 2006 and her death in 2015 were not planned or expected, BUT GOD. He knew what He was doing when He gave us this idea.  He knows BEST!  It will ultimately lead to helping thousands of women and sharing HOPE. We miss her terribly every day and  that will never change, but continuing her legacy of helping and loving others…Now that is healing!


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