Change means uncomfortably, no longer the same! Ok that's not Webster's version, but it's mine, and MOST LIKELY (if you are honest) It's yours too! 

Change can also come with a heaping side of waiting! And NO,THANK YOU! I like things done yesterday in a neat and tidy wrapped package that looks beautiful! Why does this not happen? I believe there is one good explanation. We become more like God as we trust, pray, learn, grow and wait! He is in the details. That's how much He loves YOU and ME!

As Redefined Courage makes the necessary changes to fulfill the dream that has driven us for 2.5 years I ask one thing of you, would you please pray for us? Our dreams are slowly being realized and it keeps me up at night and wakes me in the morning, but most importantly it's keeping me close to Jesus! 

My mom's battle started this God-sized dream and the women being diagnosed every day keep me going! They need HOPE! Will you join us in our campaign #hopeforeverywoman?

Stay tuned as to how you can be a part of this with us!