How Ray #redefinedcourage

Married at eighteen, I originally studied and became a secondary English teacher, and at the time, would never have guessed what overcoming many challenging obstacles would bring! Twenty-five years later, I found myself newly divorced with 2 children, a twelve-year-old girl and eight-year-old boy, mourning the loss of my mother and moving back to NC as a Personal Trainer.

Why the profession change?  On my daughter’s sixth birthday, my life was  forever altered.  After falling on the skating rink floor, I had one spiral fractured and one shattered left leg bone-a clean break across my ankle!  I don’t remember much of the next day except I woke after surgery with a 5 inch titanium plate and 7 screws to hold my ankle together.  I’ve never experienced this level of pain before or after that continued for the next year.  The next 6 months, in various boots and casts, at each orthopedic visit I was told my bones were not healing at all.  This was also in conjunction with PT twice a week and crutching into the gym to work my upper. I was determined to keep pressing forward and after only 2 weeks ran my household, with little support of my Ex, including driving, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids and all other household requirements.

My surgeon, Dr. Heinig, was a very optimistic man never letting on of his true concerns that I had no bone growth.  Finally 9 months into no healing, he ordered a bone stimulator I wore throughout the day as a last resort for healing.  After much prayer and truly trusting God, over a year later from the day of my accident, I  was released from my doctor and could start trying to find a new normal with a “jelly” leg that had lots of restrictions and 30 pounds gained.  At my last appointment Dr. Heinig finally explained my break had been so challenging that he knew I would walk with a cane the rest of my life, but never told me because he wanted me to hope. The powers of hope and belief can truly work miracles and my leg’s complete healing is one!

Always athletic and an exercise advocate, I hired a personal trainer at my local Y.  Jay gave me the confidence to try my hardest, overcome the pain and endure the intense work needed to transform.  After an additional year of challenging workouts and going to the gym each day, I reached my fitness goals and decided to assist with others in their stories of overcoming for lifelong health and wellness.  I immediately studied and got my personal training certification and have been transforming lives ever since!  Funny that something so completely debilitating and enormously challenging both physically and mentally would not just alter my life but my entire outlook on everything.  I created Near2You Fitness, LLC in 2011 with the unique niche of bringing personal training to my client’s door.  Bringing accountability, structure, knowledge and enthusiasm to people where they are is my passion!

After moving back home in 2013, I worked at a local gym for a year and then set out to bring Near2You Fitness to NC.  Six years later I train over 30 sessions per week and have hired additional personal trainers to assist in transforming as many lives as we can.

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Anything is possible with faith and true grit to keep pressing forward.  I am an overcomer in all areas of my life-What was meant for harm has only brought blessings.