When I first started Redefined I had dreams to make it a clothing line, I still do, but we are taking it slow.

In my dreaming and creation we ordered bamboo/fleece fabric and made and designed a “chemo shawl” named Grace. Once we became a foundation we wanted to first and foremost focus on “HOPE” and slowly add new things which brings me to my story…

I have a HUGE box of this beautiful fabric in my basement and I met a new friend. This new friend has her own clothing line and wants to help Redefined Courage. We exchange fabric and ideas and she, my beautiful friend Melody, shows up what felt like hours later with a beautiful piece of clothing that brought tears to my eyes! We dubbed it the “Courage Duster”

It is so amazing to see what God can do when we allow Him to be a part of our everything! This is just what we are doing and we are meeting some of the most creative people. The good news is Melody is selling the “Courage Duster” here and giving back to Redefined so we can continue to gift “HOPE” to women in the US.

Do you have a business? Do you have an idea? Do you want to dream with us and give “HOPE”?

Well, lets connect! I am always up for a good cup of coffee, a courageous conversation, and a visionary!


This fabulous picture was taken at our Night of Courage Event! What an incredible night of networking and giving back to Redefined Courage! We are so incredibly blessed to be a part of a tribe that cares! pictured (L to R) Nikki, Melody, and Bethany