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Hello there, gorgeous!

I’m Lauren – a breast cancer survivor turned holistic nutritionist. I founded my company

Nutritious Delicious Life to bring attention and awareness to the tremendous power that

making holistic lifestyle changes can have on a woman’s breast cancer risk. For years, I

immersed myself in research learning everything I could to prevent my own breast

cancer recurrence. When I emerged from behind my mountain of books, I was

frustrated that this life-saving information wasn’t easily accessible to the women it could

help the most.

Ever since being diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 and discovering the healing

benefits of holistic health, it’s been my mission to connect, inspire, and empower other

breast cancer survivors to live their most nutritious, delicious lives. Now, nearly 5 years

after diagnosis, my life is radically different in the best possible way. I left my career in

corporate finance to become a holistic nutritionist. I work exclusively with breast cancer

survivors to transform them into thrivers!

First and foremost you need to know that you are not alone in your pain, struggles,

worries, or fears. Rather, you are part of a community who understands, loves,

embraces, and supports you. Whether you are newly diagnosed or well into

survivorship, I hope that reading my story today provides you with information as well as

inspiration. I’m going to touch on topics that help me and my clients live our best lives

after cancer and my hope is that reading it inspires you to do the same. I can’t wait for

us to get to know each other!

To give you some context, 5 years ago at the time of my diagnosis, I was living a very

toxic lifestyle. I was working long hours at a job I hated and I was stressed out and burnt

out. I thought I was “eating clean” by eating low fat yogurt, lean boneless skinless

chicken, and steamed vegetables but really eating this way was wreaking havoc on my

already stressed hormone levels. Plus, I would binge on everything I deemed ‘forbidden’

at night. I had a really negative self image and very low self worth. I would obsess over

what my body looked like and would work out aggressively. I created impossible

standards for myself to live by and I would punish myself for not living up to them. I

didn’t know how to love myself and I was my own worst enemy. Oh man... those were

dark days!

When I was first diagnosed, I felt like it was my fault. I felt like this was the punishment I

“deserved” for mistreating my body all these years and I internalized so much pain. It

took losing my hair to really see myself for the first time. I finally learned to love and

accept myself exactly as I was and realize that I was enough. I was worthy of love and I

was especially worthy of love from myself. I went from being my own worst enemy to my

own compassionate best friend. This is when my life changed dramatically for the


I happened to catch a podcast that had a naturopathic doctor on it who specialized in

natural cancer care. I had never heard of a naturopathic doctor before so all of this

information was brand new to me. At first I was skeptical but I figured, what did I have to


I started working with a naturopath after my chemotherapy ended but before radiation

started. When I had the energy to ride my bike to my radiation sessions and my very

pale skin didn’t burn from the treatments – I knew there was something very powerful in

holistic healing. I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more.

When I was diagnosed and going through treatment, I felt powerless, out of control, and

trapped in my own body. Working with my naturopath gave me some sense of control


I wanted to do more for myself in between visits with my ND and this is when I really

took a deep dive into nutrition. I could intuitively connect what I ate to how I felt. I

wanted to feel AMAZING, but I also wanted to do whatever I could to prevent a cancer

recurrence. Prevention is about putting yourself on your priority list and I showed up for

myself every single day by making nutritious and delicious meals. I took action in the

kitchen and I took my power back.

Once I changed my nutrition and my lifestyle, I truly never felt better. My energy

improved, my brain fog lifted, I felt energized and truly alive. I fully embraced natural

healing and I took myself off of tamoxifen 4 years ago and I manage my entire

prevention plan completely naturally. Note: this was a personal choice – most of the

women I work with are on some sort of hormonal medication which is totally fine! I want

you do anything that makes you feel safe and supported in your body. I just share this

bit of information about me so you know that healing your body is possible.

The more I learned about holistic healing, the more I wanted to learn. I knew my

diagnosis was meant to be a catalyst of radical change for me. I wanted to turn my pain

into purpose and use my story to teach what I learned to others. This is when I decided

to leave my career, sell my house, move to a new city, enroll in holistic nutrition school,

and found Nutritious Delicious Life.

Since day 1 my mission has been clear and simple. To educate, inspire, and empower

you to live your most nutritious and delicious life after breast cancer. I want you to

fearlessly show up for yourself, love the totality of yourself, and take your power back

from cancer by taking a proactive role in your health.

So much goes into a holistic breast cancer prevention plan. Nutrition is the foundation

because sound nutrition is necessary to reduce inflammation and neutralize your

internal environment. When inflammation is decreased, it gives the body a chance to

heal and allows everything else we do together to work better. I also address

detoxification, hormone balancing, immune system boosting, and underlying limiting

beliefs. Breast cancer is a symptom of a deeper issue and prevention is about healing

the totality of yourself.

What I want you to take away from reading this blog is that you can take an active role

in your health and your prevention plan. We didn’t choose the disease but we do

choose how we live with it. You don’t have to passively take medication and hope for

the best. I want you to take inspired and empowered action.

If you would like to learn more, please connect with me! You can follow me on social

media or connect with me through my website.

It was a pleasure writing this blog for you.

Sending you love, health, and wishing you alignment,



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