Perseverance with balance

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work. “ H.L. Hunt


The definition of perseverance is : persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Tenacity/determination/resolve/ resolution

Has anyone had so much perseverance they ran themselves right off a cliff or to a dead end?

Well this was me just a year ago

Below is a rundown of the past years and how I have learned and grown. This is written in speaking notes and I was going to change it but I didn’t because it gives clearly the picture I am trying to explain- I had a lot of persistence and perseverance, but until I was stopped in my tracks I didn’t change. Change is necessary for success! And success, that’s different for everyone. 

Redefined Courage started like this:

Family diagnosis since 1999

My own mom 2006 (NY)

My complacency (my heart and my mind were a mess which led to much depression)

A move to Mississippi that would change my marriage and ultimately my life

Another move to NC

A visit to NY to visit my momma who only had 3-6 months to live * a lot of days when you are on a diet or getting ready to go on a cruise, but not many when you are going to lose someone you love

I made a promise and sprang into action promising my mom I would design her clothing to make her feel beautiful and thanks to google (and a lot of people that came along side of us) I did just that. “HOPE” was created.

Starting a business means you are going to make money with a service or product you sell- well not me- I decided to give ALL the things away for free (anyone I heard about that needed a shirt I shipped it out) My grief was driving me at this point as my mom had passed.

Needless to say this wasn’t working and 3 things happened to change my heart and mind

1.       My husbands hard work to support our family could no longer fund this business

2.        I met with a woman (because I met with literally everyone that wanted to meet with me)

 I drove 45 minutes to have coffee with who talked about herself for 45 mins and when I drove home I was exhausted.

3.       I closed Redefined Courage as a business and had a mind and heart shift for Real

I had perseverance to make things work but I no longer was going to allow others to dictate what I was working hard for and either should you

Now Redefined Courage is a non profit seeking to gift every woman “HOPE”


3 Takeaways

1.       Write down your personal goals and keep them in front of you (mine are family/dinner time, exercise, being content, consume water, become a minimalist so I can give more) and business goals (3 very large almost unattainable goals that keep me on my toes)


2.       Be consistent with your day and time wake up/bed food/water exercise/work



3.       Don’t do all the things. Do the things that grow your goal ; I always thought people were stuck up when they gave me days and times, they aren’t and I’m not, I just own my schedule now! I now have balance.