Feeling the Weight

Easter Sunday, when I was younger was so exciting, because I woke up early to get my Easter basket FULL of candy and so many goodies! We also always had a fancy Easter dress and shoes and went to church to hear about how Jesus rose from the grave! We ate lamb as well signifying our belief in the one true Lamb. All of this is good, but until recently I have never felt the weight of Jesus' crucifixtion like I have felt today.

What I love so much about Jesus is how He broke bread with his friends ( and enemy) and then went to pray. Can I just say I am so thankful He was a man who loved to eat and be around the table with people ( I love this too; we try to do it every night) and also a man of prayer- praying for himself as He felt the weight of what was to come and then praying for His disciples knowing full well the weight they would carry when He was crucified. He wanted them to be protected by God since He knew what was ahead.

As I reread the events that took place (Matthew, Mark, Luke + John share the same events, told differently) It felt heavy, imaging the crown, the cross, the betrayal, His pierced body, and the heaviness of the day as it went dark and He died in front of his momma (and others).

I hope you do feel the weight as well on this Good Friday, BUT Sunday is coming and He is Risen! We serve a living God who overcame and that should take the weight off and  bring you HOPE! 

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8