Music. It was such a B I G part of my life. When I tell you that our family parties were based around food and music, I am not kidding! My sister, Jamie and I would have our performance picked out on our ride to our cousin's house.  Each song was always sung into a hairbrush or kitchen utensils-very professional!  Just so you know Whitney Houston was my go to! "I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way..." Too much?

We not only sang with our cousin's, we sang wherever we went, in front of a lot of people or just ourselves. Music was always on in the car and we listened to it all. It was a part of me. So naturally when my mom passed I wanted to sing...Well NO! Actually the music inside me died. I no longer played music in the car with my children, it bothered me when I was cooking in the kitchen, and it was heartbreaking listening to worship songs (mom's favorite).

But, Something happened the other day when I opened my computer to work. Carrie Underwood was looking at me and below it was a mention of her new song, Champion. 

This song rocked me! It got me! And then I realized how quiet, sad, and flat out boring I have been for the last 2 + years. Ludacris brought me back a little something to my college years too!  I am on the mend! Grief no longer has its grip on me and I am a Champion  (take a listen and let me know what you think)

If you have a moment please listen to this song as well. Tauren Wells' worship song has been a blessing to my daughter Savannah through some tough times. Hills + Valleys

I pray the music in your life is playing, softly or loudly, but mostly uplifting to your soul!