Hi Friends!

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. Sometimes I truly have writer's block, other times I am too busy with family stuff, and then others- well I am just plain lazy! Ok so apparently I am keeping it real today

I wanted to share with you another thing I am learning this year, along with my eating habits. I am learning how to redefine my thoughts and what I am about. This may seem silly to some but like a fresh batch of honey to others- we are all so different! That's why I love ya! Anyway back to what I was saying...

For so many years what people said about me and what people thought about me determined who I was. I don't find that to be so much anymore but I found that I was doing that with this business that God has given me. I was allowing other people to say - you should be involved in this, you should check this out, don't you want to do this, you should go to this event...I would literally take all this in and do research and usually be involved because I wanted to get our name out and ultimately help women so wasn't all of this good?

Actually most of it was all good and people had my best interest, but what I wasn't doing was checking it with who I was, what we were about as a company and what was best for us!

So, here I am learning to REDEFINE who I am as a person and a business owner to realize what my mission is and move forward in that-not every wind that is blown my way! I pray today you are staying true to your calling-who you are and what you are about!

Redefined by Him,