We wanted to share this beautiful post from our instafriend Rach DiMare. She is a creative, fashionable and inspirational cancer survivor who has a lot to say about loving our bodies. It was too encouraging not to share with you! Read below and show her some love on Instagram, leaving a comment here or on her blog! Love you guys xo

Loving your body can be challenging. I know for me it was and still can be. For me, I started to experience the challenge of loving my body when I began noticing the effects that chemo, surgery, steroids, and all the other medication I was (and currently am) taking had on my body. My body felt foreign to me. Things that I knew were me were suddenly gone. So how do you love a body that doesn’t feel like yours?

It was a process. A lot of trial and error and some anxiety mixed in there too. But slowly and surely I gained confidence in myself. These things I’m about to talk about is what worked for me. I know this stuff is not black and white and it may not always work for everyone. I just hope that whatever has helped me can help someone else or give someone else an idea on how to love your body.

How to Love Your Body

More Than Just Physical

I came to the realization that to love my body, it was more than what I saw in the mirror. How you think of who you are as a person reflects what you see in the mirror. I started to congratulate myself on things I was able to pull through... Read more here