Everyone at some point in their life needs help, but not everyone will ask for it. I am definitely one of those that struggles to admit my need.  When I do I feel silly or that I am bothering people.  As you know I have been learning to pray and understand my need for the Lord's direction and guidance.

Fortunately I serve a God who makes me come out of my comfort zone to show me how mighty He is.  Which leads me to my ask(here's me being brave) and the reason I need your help.

The number one thing we as a Redefined Courage team need is your prayers and the second thing is we need your kind words about us and our business to be shared and below is why!

There are way too many women we know and love being diagnosed with breast cancer each year or determining they are a BRCA carrier and decide to be proactive and become a Previvor ( a brave way of saying they are choosing to take their breasts off before they get cancer). With this diagnosis comes a lot of hard decisions and one as drastic as having their breasts completely removed. When you have this surgery you also have drains. Our post op shirt is perfect for this need with the 4 drain pockets and the buttons in the front to help with putting it on; carefully not to raise their arms too high at first.

I share all of this to say that the women we so love, that are being diagnosed with cancer need a practical gift and HOPE (our post op shirt) is just that.  The shirts we have sold thus far were never purchased by a cancer survivor-churches or small groups bought them as a gift for her. If we can help it NO survivor will buy the shirt themselves.  

Thank you in advance for your heart and for being willing to share with others.  They will be available very soon and as you read this I am researching more colors/designs for them too!