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“It is perfect! Thanks so much! What a wonderful way to honor your mom and to make such a difference in people’s lives!” Kelly, NC

“ I received my shirt right before surgery & it was a blessing to have. 11 years ago when I went through my 1st set of breast surgeries I did not have this shirt, so I pinned my drains to a strap or my shirt. Thank you to Redefined Courage & the HOPE shirt.” Tammy, NC

Extremely grateful for my shirt from Redefined Courage. It’s a life changer with the pockets inside to hold my drains. No more safety pinning to the surgical bra. Plus, its super soft!! Christy, NC

Your shirt was a gift from heaven. It arrived just a day before my surgery, and I wore it to and from the hospital. The nurses were impressed with the drain pockets and the quality of the shirt. I wore it everyday. Charlotte, CA

"Thank you for the first Hope shirt. You are God's love poured out on me. I am so honored to be a part of Redefined Courage." Suz, NC

" I am so thankful for how the Lord has blessed you to love and have compassion on others undergoing surgery for breast cancer." Hope,CA

"You have left me feeling beautiful and brave." Danielle, NC

"Such a comfy, soft blessing." Kim, NC

"Such an impactful blessing." Dana, NY

"What an incredible encouragement and comfort." Elly, NC

"What a beautiful shirt. It made her so happy." Cindi, TX

“ I got my shirt and I absolutely love it…thank you again for sending it to me. I really appreciate it.” Barbara, Chicago, IL

I feel like I owe you another huge thank you. I just went through my 4th surgery yesterday and wore the same top that y’all created for me. It is the best for surgery days and several thereafter. I have my hubby wash and dry each night to keep it with me. So thank you a million times for giving me a smile or many whenever wearing this incredibly comfy and practical blouse. 💖💖💖 -Kathy

"I love my shirts! My parents and boyfriend thought they were very nice and so creative." Trisha, NC

"This shirt is fabulous! Thank you so much. So comfy and so practical." Kathy, FL

“You don't even know you need this shirt until you have it!” Ashley, TN